Wondering WTF Donald Trump Ruins Each Day? There’s a Site For That!


This website will summarize all of the terrible things Donald Trump and company do each day so you can easily keep track of all of those reasons he’s just THE WORST.

Anybody else feel like this could be the theme of 2017 so far?

It seems like we can’t go a day…or an hour…or a minute without Donald Trump and his bros doing something else terrible. It even seems like time is moving at a different pace and it’s hard to remember what happened in the whirlwind of the last 14 days.

But now there’s a simple website which keeps track of all of the madness that occurs each day in this new reality we live in. It’s appropriately titled “WTF Just Happened, Today“. Each day includes a bulleted summary of events along with articles that provide more information. This is especially important as news often changes multiple times throughout the day and if you’re busy…you know, working or something, it’s easy to miss a major catastrophic event that by the end of the day is overshadowed by yet another catastrophic event.

The site was created by Matt Kiser, who says:

"“WTF Just Happened, Today is a personal project to log the daily shock and awe in Trump’s America. The goal is to capture the most important news in a digestible form inspired by The Skimm and tweetstorms”."

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Looking for “‘fair and balanced’ objective coverage”? WTF Just Happened, Today is not the place for that. But, “what you will find, however, is an independent voice, personal accountability”–perhaps just the kind of journalism we need more of.

The race of daily life these days is a marathon, not a sprint. Stay informed with WTF Just Happened, Today so you’re never caught off-guard!