Top 10 Stories from the 2017 Australian Open

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Jan 26, 2017; Melbourne, Australia; Venus Williams of the United States hits to Coco Vandewghe of the United States during the Australian Open. Mandatory credit: Martin Richard/Presse Sports via USA TODAY NETWORK

Two weeks of upsets culminates in a pair of finals reminiscent of a time thought gone by; Serena continues historical slam count march as Federer unexpectedly does the same.

After the craziness of the 2016 U.S. Open, the 2017 Australian Open was a bit calmer. There was occasional bad behavior, but this time, the big story was instead the results. Only two of the eight singles semifinals was people who had been favored to be there. A little bit of history was made in the first round, when the second-longest match in event history happened. A little more happened in the ladies final, when Serena Williams took another step up on the Most Slams List. In between, there were surprise runs, quite a few upsets, and two finals that felt like a throwback to the noughties with who was in them.

With a couple of exceptions, the top ten stories of Melbourne Park were about who won, who lost, and who made it further than expected. That’s probably just indication of a healthy event. It may not be as exciting as the alternative, but it’s hardly boring either. This Australian Open certainly wasn’t.