Love & Hip Hop NY S7E12 Cancún Recap and 3 Wildest Moments

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This week’s episode of Love & Hip Hop NY was titled “Cancún”. Find out what the girls were up to on their vacation with our recap & 3 Wildest Moments!

Last week on Love & Hip Hop NY...

DJ Self was finally able to get Mariahlynn, and Major Galore on the same page, but not before they found out that Cisco had been using Major to create more drama. This time, Self wants revenge and Mariahlynn and Major are both on his side. Meanwhile, Cardi’s boyfriend Tommy broke up with her through a letter from prison and it appeared that Swift was ready to fill the void.

Last week’s episode also turned out to be an emotional rollercoaster ride for Remy Ma and Papoose. She surprised him with the news of her pregnancy, but suffered an ectopic pregnancy and lost all hope of conceiving in the future. Plus, Yandy worked out some issues with Mendeecees’ baby mamas, but ended up on Kimbella’s bad side because she wouldn’t spill the tea on what Juelz has been working on. However, Juju planned on inviting both on a vacation to Cancun.

This week on Love & Hip Hop NY

Papoose’s mother and daughter came to see him in the studio. He told them that while in most cases he would be okay, this time he’s not. They told him that he shouldn’t be trying to get back out there yet and that he and Remy need to work through this together. Papoose tells us that he’s also worried that Remy feels like she has disappointed him.

Later, Papoose talked to Remy about how she feels. Remy admitted that she feels guilty that she can’t give Papoose the baby she had promised him and that things might have been different had she agreed to have a baby sooner. Papoose told her he doesn’t want her to carry that guilt and things will be okay.

Peter Gunz and Rich Dollaz caught up with DJ Self. They bring Cisco up and explain that they are thinking about letting him back in. DJ Self told them about how Cisco has still been trying to snatch up his artists and that he still wants payback. Meanwhile, Snoop joined the guys and became an official member of the Creep Squad.

Later, Cisco was out with Peter Gunz and Rich Dollaz, while DJ Self painted “Property of Gwinin” on his car with a smiley face. When Cisco came out, Self told him that when you take from Gwinin, Gwinin taketh from you. Cisco tried to jump on Self, but Peter and Rich held him back as Self wiped off the removable paint. The whole thing was a prank! Cisco apologized for taking things out on his boys. They all agreed to be their brother’s keeper and Creep Squad for life!

Papoose promised to keep things together at home while Kimbella traveled to Mexico. But the house was a mess and it looked like he was having a rough time. He tells us that he plans on having things in order, so Kimbella will be proud when she returns.

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