Writing Women: 10 Authors With Must-Follow Twitter Accounts

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Amy Tan performing at the White House in 2013. Image via the Obama White House on YouTube.

Twitter is a great place for writers, so it is no surprise that successful authors spend time there. Here are 10 of the best, must-follow accounts.

Writers love Twitter. Duh, it’s writing, procrastination and a constant flow of information all rolled into one. Twitter is a great place to meet other writers. So many of us are introverts. How else were we going to meet and form a community (she says half-sarcastically)?

It’s really cool that we have a place to network with each other. But the best thing is all the published, successful authors who spend time on Twitter. As a reader in the time before the internet and social media, one never really knew the thinking that went into our beloved books. We could extrapolate about what our favorite authors might be like. Sometimes we could find interviews, but you’d need a giant pile of magazine and newspaper subscriptions to find those.

Now we can meet our heroes on Twitter. And you know what? They’re real people. Many of them are actually the very cool, smart, interesting people we always hoped they were. They share all kinds of information on Twitter, about their writing, tour dates, and details of their every day lives. They let us know what it’s like to be a working author, and that makes it real. Many authors are not just there to promote their work, but also to hang out with like-minded people: other authors, and also you and me.

One omission from this article is J.K. Rowling, because I figure everyone is already following her. If you’re not, you’ve probably been living under a rock and I bet your name starts with a V, and ends with a T, and strikes fear into the hearts of wizards.

Read on for more must-follow lady writers on the Twitter.

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