Jason Momoa Made His Own Axes and Threw Them on Jimmy Kimmel Live


Apparently, Jason Momoa’s commitment to portraying Declan Harp on Netflix’s Frontier went to the level of making his own axes and learning to throw them.

Admittedly, Netflix’s Frontier has more going for it than the fact that Jason Momoa plays the main character. I’d know — I’ve watched the entire series. If nothing else, it manages to have some reasonably complex characters even with the cartoonishly evil Lord Benton holding down Fort Antagonist admirably. But, alas, Jason Momoa remains the main draw.

Apparently, that main draw required some commitment from him, too. After all, Declan Harp is a fighter, one who’s trying to take down the Hudson’s Bay Company and its fur monopoly. Over the course of the series, he slits some throats, does some fighting, and even throws some axes. This last point is one that Momoa clearly took some interest in.

After all, he put his skills to use on an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live. Check it out below:

Yes, that is in fact Jason Momoa cheerfully admitting that he made some of his own axes and put designs on them representing Declan Harp’s Black Wolf Company from Frontier. That’s impressive. He even gets both Kimmel and Guillermo to give it a try!

Unsurprisingly, Momoa blows them both out of the water, especially at the end when he grabs all four and proceeds to show all the way off. Never mind the fact that he’s also already had at least one Guinness and actually starts drinking another while on camera.

Also, he’s so excited to do all of this! He clearly loves the show and playing the character, even happily describing something that’s vaguely a spoiler. (The death of Declan’s family doesn’t come up until the second episode, though it’s not hard to deduce.) Suffice it to say that his description of the show is also quite accurate.

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All episodes of Frontier Season 1 are now on Netflix.