Glee Reunion: Darren Criss Guest Stars In Supergirl-Flash Musical Crossover!


Dust off your Warblers’ jacket and get yourself some nice cold sushi because Glee is making a comeback…well, sort of…for Supergirl and The Flash.

The stage is set for the upcoming musical episode showdown for the Supergirl-Flash crossover episodes happening in March. Gleeks will be coming out of hiding and for three very good reasons: Grant Gustin, Melissa Benoist AND Darren Criss? It’s the perfect trifecta.

The musical episodes are set to begin at the end of Supergirl’s Mar. 20 episode, blending into The Flash’s Mar. 21 episode. Criss will make his appearance as villain Music Meister, according to Entertainment WeeklyHe has to live up to Neil Patrick Harris’ performance, since Harris owned the role on Batman: The Brave and the Bold. No doubt Criss will step up and dominate the role.

This is especially exciting for Glee super fans in the fact that we have seen Benoist rock the super look once before. Anyone remember Wallflower and Kitty? Oh yeah, our Supergirl has been a hero long before her days fighting crime as the super-powered Kryptonian. Now that she’s gone from Wallflower to Supergirl, it just ups the ante for the boys to bring their best A game.

I will be the first to admit, I love in Glee in everything it was in its glory days and what it still is three years after it closed its curtains. To bring back some of the voices that made the show brings back the sense of nostalgia and the reason why it was so loved in the first place. Now with a crossover musical, we can relive those memories of song showdowns and “Why talk about feelings when you can sing about them in a very passive aggressive tone?” And that’s what you missed on Glee!

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The musical episode spins onto the screens beginning Mar. 20.