The 100 Season 4: Clarke Set To Eventually Move On?


Just when you thought the nightmare was over, The 100 and Jason Rothenberg plunged the Lexa dagger just a little further into our hearts.

In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, Jason Rothenberg explained that Clarke in the fourth season of The 100 will eventually move on from Lexa, but still cling to the memories of her to carry her through and give her strength. It’s a nice thought, though it glazes over an underlying issue.

In the interview, he goes on to say that Clarke is still only 18 years old and will eventually find her peace with moving on and moving forward. Rothenberg also points out that Clarke and Lexa helped each other see the world from a different point of view. That’s true. That wasn’t all that was there, though. There was a love that broke the boundaries of LGBT+ culture in the TV industry that resonated with countless people.

Image via The CW

The one staple for finding solace in the show was Lexa, played by Alycia Debnam-Carey, as she commanded with force but loved with her guarded heart. When she was introduced as Clarke’s love interest, it proved that love knows no bounds, and that’s so beautiful.

The show in and of itself is a barrage of deaths, missiles, and giant gorillas, and I get that. However, since the show also jumped through hoops to make Clarke and Lexa a focus, the choice to also present it primarily as a show not all about relationships just doesn’t make much sense.

I’m interested in seeing how Clarke will cope with the loss of her Lexa, but I hope that a lesson has been learned here in the fact that it’s painful for someone to “move on” and live their life without the love they’ve lost.

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The fourth season of The 100 begins Feb. 1.