Belle vs Cinderella: Emma Watson Suggests Belle As Better Princess


Look, it’s not that Cinderella wasn’t a great princess, it’s just that Belle was better, and Emma Watson makes a hell of a good point.

The battle of the princesses has always been a hot topic with so many for decades. This “battle” has come into the spotlight in a recent statement by Emma Watson when speaking about turning down the role for the Cinderella movie. To be honest, I’m going with Hermione on this one.

The Beauty and the Beast star talks about how she turned down the role when it came to the princess’ morals. In her true Emma Watson fashion, she explains how Belle has more of an independent point of view which isn’t easily swayed.

She also comments on Belle’s defiance and how that mindset inspired her to go forth with the role.

Screengrab via Beauty and the Beast trailer

Emma, I’m totally with you. Yes, ever since I was dribbling from my chin and wearing diapers, I’ve known like the back of my hand, the iconic Disney princesses.  I love them, I sing with them, I dressed like them for halloween, and fangirled l when we saw them in Disneyland. What we don’t take into account is who they actually are, and, as hard as it may be, we have to look past the singing with animals part to find that. 

Emma looks past the songs and as great as it is, the story of love and it’s unconditional passion. She sees Belle for an independent woman who has chosen her own set of morals and life path that no one can steer her from and that’s what we really need to hone in on. So, Cinderella, what are you bringing to the table?

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Beauty and the Beast waltzes into theaters March 17th.