Halsey Releases New Single For Fifty Shades Darker Soundtrack


Halsey is back and better than ever with her steamy new single that no matter what you do, you can’t help but to love it.

Everyone is either dreading or anticipating the newest Fifty Shades film. And with the movie, comes the infamous soundtrack. The movie series may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but the first one had soundtrack filled with surprise hit after surprise hit. With that sort of track record, the sequel anticipates that fans will want another one that lives and breathes through the music.And that comes through quite clearly in Halsey’s newest single “Not Afraid Anymore”.

The pop artist is known for her melodic voice and sultry sound that it’s no surprise that her participation in the movie’s soundtrack is causing a whirlwind buzz in the pop culture atmosphere. I am not much of a pop music lover, most of the time, but for some reason, I can’t stay away from Halsey, and this song is a strong testament to that.

Check it out.

The soundtrack itself has released only a couple of songs as a sneak peek, giving a little taste of what’s in store for their February 10th release. So far, other than Halsey, Zayn and Taylor Swift have been featured off of the movie album with their song “I Don’t Wanna Live Forever”. Both songs are available for purchase and you bet your $1.29 that they’ll both be on my phone within the hour.

As we have seen, the Fifty Shades franchise has prided itself on it’s original songs, whether it’s from The Weeknd to Zayn and Taylor, but they have hit it out of the metaphorical park with Halsey. It’s simple, sexy, and authentic to her sound. If you want to treat your ears to some sweet tunes, this song is the perfect choice for your awaiting ears.

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Both the soundtrack as well as the movie are set to release February 10th.