Game of Thrones Has Started Filming Season 7 Again


It looks like winter will still reign for a little while longer, with photos surfacing that confirm that Game of Thrones will continue to film this year.

Game of Thrones doesn’t even premiere until this summer, which almost makes this winter feel extra cold. Once we could dream of spring, and now we have to dream of summer instead, which feels a bit like skipping a step. (That pun’s fully intended, by the way.) However, at least we’ll be able to hopefully console ourselves with some spoilers in the new future. With a hat tip to our sister site, Winter is Coming, check out the following Instagram video.

Yup, that’s Emilia Clarke on her first day back at work. Even Queens of the Seven Kingdoms and Khaleesis of the Great Grass Sea have to go back to the daily grind eventually. Notably, someone has tweeted the following:

Belfast is also home to Titanic Studios, which is where the show shoots many of its internal scenes. We’ve seen it play host to everything from Meereen to King’s Landing. However, recent spoilers have also shown that more filming has taken place near Belfast at the Wolf Hill Quarry this year. Based on those spoilers, we don’t think she’ll be part of those outdoor scenes.

Right now, we’re going to speculate that Clarke’s in town in order to film interior shots at Titanic Studios. Could we see Daenerys Targaryen standing in the Red Keep by the end of Season 7? It’s entirely possible, though that seems like it would be a whirlwind sort of war. Perhaps we’ll just have to settle for seeing her standing in a different castle. Not to completely spoil things here, but we do know that she’ll be part of some major pitched battles in the next season.

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Game of Thrones returns next year.