Culturess’ Official Ranking of Doctors in Doctor Who

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With one more season of Peter Capaldi left for certain, it’s time to rank the men who have played the Doctor on Doctor Who for the last 53 years.

The tenth season of the Doctor Who reboot is right around the corner. (Or Series 36, if you prefer to count from the beginning). And with Moffat on his way out and Capaldi threatening to leave with him, it’s time to stop and rank the Doctors who have held the role all this time.

Who played the role the best? Who is the worst Doctor of all time? It’s a debate that’s been going on since the concept of regeneration was introduced, and will probably continue as long as the show is on the air. We’ve ranked the Doctors from all time worst to all time best. And no, Peter Cushing doesn’t count. Neither does Rowan Atkinson, Richard Grant or Jim Broadbent. Sorry completionists. I know when Davies brought this back he said it was all canon, even the radio plays, the comics and the weird and wacky bits from Red Nose Day.

We have to draw the line somewhere. According to everything we are told, Capaldi is the reset Doctor, removing that pesky “12 regenerations” issue set forth in The Deadly Assassin and Mawdryn Undead. This means that the War Doctor and Second David Tennant count, but not anyone else. So here we set forth the 14 Doctors as recognized by the show, in the order of least awesome to most awesome.