16 Times Sherlock Drove Us All Crazy

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Benedict Cumberbatch wearing the deerstalker in “Sherlock” Season 3. (Photo: BBC)

Sherlock is a fantastic show. But it’s definitely not perfect. Let’s get ready for new episodes by venting about all the things we didn’t exactly love about its first three seasons.

Sherlock is a great show. It’s smart, popular, globally successful and stars two of the best actors working today. It should be must-see television for virtually everybody. However, even the greatest things have flaws. And sometimes the more you love the thing, the more the things that are wrong with it make you want to scream. Possibly really, really loudly.

So let’s talk about the times that Sherlock did things that maybe weren’t so great.

Consider this a cleansing ritual. A chance for us all to express our biggest Sherlock disappointments. To eyeroll at our most frequently considered nitpicks. To fume about the things that frustrated us. Let’s get it all out before the new season starts in January. We’ll feel better, and maybe we won’t expect the fourth season of an already overly complicated mystery series to be all things for all people. Maybe we can remember how to just enjoy it again.

Even though it’s likely to come back for a fifth season at some point in the future, let’s be honest. Just given the busy schedules and rising stardom of most of the folks involved in this show, we’re not going have too many more seasons of Sherlock to look forward to. Let’s not waste what we’re getting.

(Or: Welcome to my new Season 4 mantra. We’ll see how it goes.)