17 Comfort Foods For Deep Winter

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1. Mac and cheese

Oh, sweet, wonderful mac and cheese. If you were an American or Canadian kid, chances are you’ve gobbled down your fair share of macaroni noodles smothered in a cheese sauce. If you have since matured into an adult, you’ve also probably eaten a decent amount, too. As a university student, it was often my choice for stereotypically bad college food when I was deep into a research paper.

Now, you could simply go down to your grocery store, buy a box of whatever brand you prefer, and cook it up. In our brave new world, you can even use a microwave to get mac and cheese into your mouth even faster.

However, there’s a lot to be said about making it on your own. It can be nearly as simple as a boxed meal, or you can get real fancy. Think bechamel sauces with fancy cheeses. Consider crunch panko breadcrumb tops. Or – wait for it – truffle oil, my friends, truffle oil.

Recipe: Creamy macaroni and cheese (New York Times); Truffled Mac and Cheese (Williams Sonoma)

Healthier variation: Use cauliflower. No, seriously. Our friend from the Brassicaceae family can produce a similar creamy texture with seriously reduced carbs and calories. Check out this recipe for cauliflower mac and cheese from Michelle Obama herself.