17 Things You (Probably) Didn’t Know About Sherlock

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Screenshot of John’s blog on “Sherlock”. (Photo: BBC)

John Watson Has a Blog You Can Actually Read

In Sherlock, it’s a rather big plot point that John Watson has a blog. It’s inspired by the fact that the original Watson in Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s stories wrote stories as Holmes’ biographer. As one of the many ways that Sherlock has updated the classic stories for the modern era, rather than publishing stories in the newspaper John keeps a blog as part of his therapy now that he’s home from Afghanistan. On it, he chronicles all the crazy crime solving adventures he gets into with his strange new roommate.

Since we’re living in a digital media age now, the BBC really created a tie-in site for the show. You can visit a real life online version of John’s blog, and read the various entries that correspond with the cases featured on air. As the first two seasons of Sherlock progressed, other characters from the series’ universe popped up to leave comments on John’s posts, including Mrs. Hudson, Mike Stamford, John’s sister Harry, and Sherlock himself. There are also several hilarious comments from what appears to be regular internet fans of the Holmes and Watson adventures.

Additionally, there are nearly a dozen other cases and stories on the blog that haven’t been depicted on the TV show. The blog hasn’t updated since midway through Season 3, which seems a bit weird given all the emotional trauma that John went through in finale episode “His Last Vow”. Whether the site is abandoned or the BBC is waiting for a new season to update it with fresh content is anyone’s guess. (But here’s hoping – the stories and comment threads were quite fun!)