17 Old TV Shows That Deserve A Netflix Reboot Right Now

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Thirtysomething gets a super bad rap. Referred to as the most self-indulgent, whiny, short-sighted show of the time, it didn’t get the respect it deserved. Critics dumped all this hate on the show long before these characteristics became trendy with the coming of age of the millennial generation.

Thirtysomething follows a bunch of baby boomers as they enter their 30s and try to reconcile their participation with the counterculture in the 60’s and 70’s with the challenges of being an adult and parent.  It stars Ken Olin and Mel Harris, and it became a vehicle for folks in this demographic to complain about their life.

Now that I am an actual thirtysomething, I get this show, totally. It’s kind of like Parenthood, except a little more petulant and not as optimistic, which is my jam when it comes to a show that is supposed to mirror my own life experiences.

As much as I loved Parenthood’s “glass half full” approach to the problems of this demographic, a Thirtysomething reboot might give them a safer place to be jerks about their life. Because don’t we all need that? For practical reasons, the show would have to completely recast, but that’s not such a bad thing.  A handful of unknown actors could totally change the legacy of this show for the better.