17 Old TV Shows That Deserve A Netflix Reboot Right Now

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The Rhoda show may have been a spinoff of The Mary Tyler Moore Show, but it’s arguably the better of the two. Starring Valerie Harper as the title character, it was about a spunky, Jewish, New York woman who moves back to the city, and pretty much wins at life, generally.

Rhoda was such an amazingly feminist boss, and she was so honest and forthright about women’s issues in the five seasons the show aired on CBS. While Mary was more conservative in her politics, Rhoda was much  more outspoken and brave about her feelings about, well, everything. Of course this was before my time, but Rhoda reruns hold up, even after all the years of feminist political evolution.

Valerie Harper is going strong at 77, so the role of a plucky, young, street smart 30-something is a little outside her reach. My advice (if anybody is asking for it) is to recruit some fresh-faced ingenue into the role of Rhoda and set her free on the mean streets of New York. She has to be likable and relatable, and she has to have enough charisma to outshine Mary Tyler Moore. And that is not a small task for any actress.