50 Times Hillary Clinton was Inspiring to Everyone

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Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images.

41. The Belief She has in Herself

"People can judge me for what I’ve done. And I think when somebody’s out in the public eye, that’s what they do. So I’m fully comfortable with who I am, what I stand for, and what I’ve always stood for."

Being in the public eye as Hillary has makes it difficult to not want to alter yourself to the public image. But with Hillary, she knows herself and sticks to her guns despite what anyone says about her. And it is truly remarkable.

Hillary knows that people judge her. It’s inevitable. The former First Lady running for president herself? Of course she’s going to be looked down upon. But Hillary takes it all with ease and doesn’t change who she is. She urges us to do the same.

And we should. Hillary is right, we shouldn’t alter who we are just because someone things we should. So Hillary is inspiring in this way because she’s telling us that we don’t have to change. We can be who we are and we can stand for our beliefs without changing them for other people.

So the next time you want to change something about yourself, think about what Hillary would do.