20 of the Best Skating Programs from the Fall of 2016

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5. Jun Hwan Cha (KOR): Short Program

Jun Hwan Cha got some respectable results when he first appeared on the international scene last season. However, it was only at this year’s Junior Grand Prix that he truly arrived, winning accolades from audiences and judges alike. He took both of his events, plus bronze at the Finale. At the beginning of this year, Korea didn’t have a star expected to make waves at their home Olympics. Now, they have Cha.

To make this advance, he used two terrific programs choreographed by the legendary David Wilson. His long is a beautiful one, but his short program is even more impacting. This was the first impression fans the world over got of him. A Chorus Line isn’t commonly used in skating, but this medley was an ideal choice for him. The program is one that perfectly embodies this very young rising star. One moment, he’s still a boy, but a bold one, determined to have his spotlight and our eyes, and Cha makes that very real. The next, he’s showing moves and tricks that display the sophistication he nonetheless already has. Either way, it’s a delight to watch.

As an up and comer, Cha is expected to be continually getting better than he already is, and likely will be by the Olympics. But it won’t be easy for his programs to be even as good as they are already.