10 Reasons Love Actually Gets Us into the Holiday Spirit

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Love Actually, Screencap via Universal Pictures

2. Even the Prime Minister Needs to be Happy

We end up seeing our figure heads as people who are in charge but never really as regular human beings. Before Barack and Michelle, every other President and First Lady were just the people in charge. But they showed us what a couple in love looked like ruling the country.

With Love Actually, we get to see an even more real, human reaction between the Prime Minister and his love. Hugh Grant is a single man who ends up as the Prime Minister and he falls in love with one of his house aides. It is cute and their relationship is one of the better ones in the film, but it is an interesting view on our political figures.

But it reminds us that everyone is looking for people in their lives. Whether it be a romantic relationship or just a friendship, most people need companions. Even those in charge of making the decisions for our countries.

And Love Actually reminds us of that. This movie does an incredible job of showing people in all different walks of life. Except maybe anyone other than a heterosexual couple (it is seriously lacking in that regard). But it does show us that Prime Ministers need love too.