30 Feminist Christmas Movies, Ranked

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Last Holiday, Screencap via Paramount Pictures

Last Holiday

Georgia Byrd is a quiet, reserved department store employee who dreams of a more fulfilling life. When she goes to the doctor after accidentally bumping her head on a cabinet, she is told that she has a rare condition resulting in several brain tumors, and that she only has a few weeks left to live. The fact that her time is limited inspires her to quit her job and travel to the Czech Republic, with the resolution to live out her last days with no inhibitions. Her new lease on life inspires everyone at the hotel she stays in, and changes her in ways that she never knew were possible.

The Good

  • This movie features a woman of color in the lead role. It’s literally the only one on this list to do so.
  • Georgia is a great female character. She has her own dreams and interior motivations. She takes the terrible news about her health as a wake-up call to do the things she really wants to do. She’s very genuinely awesome.

The Bad

  • A big part of Georgia’s storyline is that she and a coworker are in mutual love without having ever spent really significant time together. Like, to the point where he finds out she’s dying and he flies to Aspen to tell her he has feelings for her. So, it’s pretty unrealistic, and it makes Georgia’s story partially about a man, which didn’t need to happen. Although, at least when Georgia discovers she’s terminally ill, her reaction is to do what she wants to do, not run into the arms of her would-be lover. So that’s a plus.

The Ugly

  • Georgia is almost too perfect. She charms everyone staying at the hotel, she never seems to act less than perfectly nice. Sure, she’s reserved and doesn’t go full bore after her dreams at first, but those aren’t real issues. Her fatal flaw is, well, a fatal illness. Which – SPOILER ALERT – she ends up not really having. Perpetuating the idea of the perfect woman is not helpful.