Top 20 Most Memorable Face Off Looks of All Time

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Season 4: Anthony & Alam’s Demon

Laura Tyler might have lost out on Season 3, but there was no denying the win to Anthony Kosar in Season 4. Anthony came in, and straight up dominated this season, accruing more trips to the top and more wins in a single season than anyone had ever done before. (Or since, for that matter.) To be honest, there are several of his creations that could easily go in this slot, from his Goblin King to his superhero to his mutant towards the end of the season.

But my favorite of his was this female demon with Alam. So beautiful, so deadly. So smart. In a sea of concave chests with blue and pink veined paint jobs and blonde wings, this one stood out as different in a good way. Also, unlike any of the other demons, I knew immediately what culture this character comes from, and who she haunts. I also love how pretty she is. Up close, the sculpt of the nose and the forehead is such a stand out. The feet are amazing. Too bad Anthony was not as good a mentor when he came back in Season 8 as he was an artist.