Top 20 Most Memorable Face Off Looks of All Time

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Season 10: Rob’s Genie

Rob was the judges’ favorite to win throughout the season, and there was a reason for it. Looks like this one were absolutely spectacular make ups, both in concept and in execution. There was just one problem, and that was that Rob began to crash and burn hard in the final weeks. He was lucky though, in that his concept in the finale was one that played towards Glenn’s preferences. That gave the judges the excuse to hand him the win.

But before that, we should admire his work in such rounds as the Genie Challenge.  I love that he took the copper patina green that would be the actual color of a genie’s bottle and used it for the skin, so the genie is technically the traditional green, without going into the realm of cartoon greens. The block shaped “jughandle” (lamphandle?) ears are fantastic, as well as helping to place the Genie in terms of what culture he’s pulling from. (In this case, Angkor Wat.) And on top of that, he looks intimidating. The only part I don’t like is the tile paint on the arms, or the fact that this lost out to an inferior look.

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