Top 20 Most Memorable Face Off Looks of All Time

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Season 9: Nora & Jasmine’s Gatekeeper

Season 9 saw Face Off attempt to regroup. They dropped the silly subtitles to seasons, because there’s really only so many dramatic versions of “Life and Death” you can add on to these sorts of things. They let the mentor thing go, since it didn’t work. Instead they instituted some interesting internal challenges, including their best idea to date ,”The Gauntlet”, which really helped highlight the best artists of the group.

In this case, one of those artists was Nora, who would go on to win the whole season. But before we got there, she was part of the team with Jasmine on the Gatekeeper Challenge. (No, there was no Zuul.) Each contestants was given a gate and told to design the aliens who guard it. I loved the gatekeeper especially here. That is a stunner of an alien beauty make up. The beast it was keeping at bay was a bit like a comic book alien, which was a disappointment. (Also, what do these things have to do with Moorish architecture? Nothing.) When asked for their names, Nora quickly improvised: Brenda and Jose! (Snork.) Sadly they were not given the win for these looks, but they were some of the best of the season.