12 Gays of Christmas

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This one is worth recommending on so many levels. The highest and most important reason of all being that it is hilarious. Yes, women are funny. And sad, boring internet men who insist otherwise must loudly lose, burn and put out the flames of meninist Hell which surround them with their own whiny baby tears.

AAAAANYWAY, this recent remake isn’t explicitly queer in nature. But that’s only because the studio wouldn’t let explicit queerness be promoted in association with this film. So, that’s another fun thing we can talk about destroying at a later date! Kate McKinnon’s character, newly initiated Gay Lady Icon, Jillian Holtzmann, blatantly hits on the other women throughout the film. Although, her sights are largely set on Kristen Wiig’s Erin Gilbert. And even aside from the lady-on-lady implications, just being able to watch Kate McKinnon exist or act weird and goofy and successful feels like a gigantic win for the gay community in itself.

Furthermore, this movie is chock-full of the kind of representation that is almost never onscreen. It’s filled with women who are just being people doing stuff. They’re not being love-sick, or love interests, or moms. In other words, they exist and THRIVE as fully formed characters and not just in the context of how they relate to the men around them. So take THAT, YouTube trolls. Also, take yourself out of this narrative for good. Plz and thanx.