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Sex and the City

Sometimes we need to escape not into art that is thought-provoking or poignant or even necessarily good. Sometimes, we need not leave behind the merriment of the real world and leap into a complicated mess of fictional-world problems to deal with instead. And sometimes, we just need to laugh at a rich white lady pooping her pants abroad, and sometimes, that’s enough to sustain us.

Sex and the City is, historically, a super gay-friendly and gay-adored show while only featuring approximately 4 gay people throughout the entire series, but whatever. It’s fun and it’s funny and Carrie wears a bird on her head.

For hardcore fans, the first hour-ish of this film can be hard to get through because our questionable heroine gets unquestionably screwed by the man we’d watched her love for six long years. It’s a bit rough, and full disclosure, I cry every time I see it even though it’s ridiculous. But for the most part, the movie was a satisfying reunion with the four ladies (and their two gay male friends who drift in and out as needed but like I said WHATEVER). Plus, it gave us the kind of closure we never actually needed, but are, I guess, fine with having received? Unclear.

Either way, it’s a great, gay ole escape from the world of Santa and reindeer EVEN THOUGH there are a few Christmas-adjacent scenes that might make your holiday-saturated eyes roll. Just remember — once you get past those, Carrie gets a large closet and a very nice shoe so … WHAT. EVER.