20 Christmas TV Episodes that Deserve a Holiday Rewatch

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1. “A Benihana Christmas” – The Office, Season 2

If there’s one thing The Office did well, it was its uncanny ability to capture our feels. This two-parter from Season 3 is all over the emotional spectrum, with rebounds, signs of maturity, and a longtime crush that’s crying out to be rekindled. We remember from Season 2’s “Christmas Party” when Jim said “Christmas is the time to tell people how you feel,” and we couldn’t agree more.

We see several versions of heartbreak throughout this episode. Pam has been planning a gift for Jim that took months to manifest, and he shuts her down, not wanting to go down that road with her again. Michael’s girlfriend Carol dumped him (mainly for proposing after nine dates), leaving him stuck with two tickets to Jamaica. And Angela’s cold Christmas party isn’t going the way she wants, thanks to the curious tag team of Pam and Karen.

But sour feelings don’t always stick around and the good-naturedness of the Christmas spirit wins out. Michael ends up feeling better after some bro time at Benihana (and a random ‘new girlfriend’ who wasn’t even his waitress), and comes back to the office to see not one, but two parties in full swing. Though things don’t work out between him and the waitress whose arm he had to mark, he and Jim have one of their patented heart-to-hearts. Everyone finds their own bit of comfort in the holiday, even Angela, who concedes her Nutcracker Christmas for the better of her fellow employees. Of course, we part ways with another prank on Dwight, a good Christmas gift to anyone.