20 Christmas TV Episodes that Deserve a Holiday Rewatch

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12. “My Own Personal Jesus” – Scrubs, Season 1

Sacred Heart Hospital looks lovely all decked out in holiday decorations. It feels like every scene is just awash in the holiday glow, which is odd for a Scrubs episode that focuses so heavily on shaken faith.

Since this is the first season, the series is still finding its legs. We learn how important religion is to Turk, and what his faith means to him. A rough Christmas Eve night while on-call puts a damper on his optimistic nature, though, creating a vacuum of sadness wherever he goes. That’s not a Turk we like seeing, and it’s hard for J.D. and Carla not to be affected. But friends like these never give up on one another.

“One of the worst things about this place is that often you feel like there’s no one to turn to,” narrates J.D., as we see Turk contemplating his faith. Religion is always a tricky subject to tackle on TV but this episode blends the idea of God nicely with the Christmas spirit. We have a very nice Christmas-y feel-good ending, after Turk sprints into Miller Park, where a young runaway mother from the free clinic is in labor. He saw the light, and responded. Even Elliot, who is adamantly against babies in this episode can’t help but marvel at the Christmas miracle. It’s a happy ending with only a touch of social awkwardness added in.