20 Christmas TV Episodes that Deserve a Holiday Rewatch

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9. “Christmas in the Car” – Bob’s Burgers, Season 4

What I wouldn’t give to have Linda Belcher’s zest for life. She absolutely adores everything about it, including her husband, her children, and her singing abilities. Her whole disposition shines even brighter during the holiday season, which is why she bought the family Christmas tree two months early. That eagerness is what prompts the entirety of this Season 4 episode.

In an homage to the 1971 film Duel, the Belchers are pursued by a candy cane-shaped truck on Christmas Eve, as they travel home from buying a new tree. Linda wanted to get the truck driver into the holiday spirit by honking “Jingle Bells” at him, but the weariness from all the road travel caused him to snap and pursue the Belchermobile. Say what you will about this kooky family, but they know the importance of togetherness, no matter what circumstance. Bob will do anything to protect his family from this nutcase, including confronting him in the deep, dark woods. Luckily, the Belcher patriarch can also recognizes when people are having difficult days, as he seems to have one every week. So he and the truck driver can resolve their differences just in time for Christmas.

Meanwhile, Teddy gets stuck inside Louise’s Santa trap as he goes to check on Christmas dinner. That’s just how the holidays have to play out, Belcher-style.