12 non-Christmas episodes for the rest of us

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Everybody Hates Chris: “Everybody Hates Kwanzaa”

Okay, so this particular episode isn’t filled with the suggestion of compromise or inclusivity. Nor will it fill you with the spirit of Kwanzaa or educate you it on its true meaning. But it’s pretty funny, and it’s not about Christmas (sort of), so it’s win-win. In this episode of Everybody Hates Chris, the family is forced to celebrate Kwanzaa because dad Julius feels like Christmas is too expensive. (Same, Julius. Same.)

This series, based on the childhood of Chris Rock and narrated by by the actor as well, focuses on a lower-middle African American family. Middle child Chris is at its center. Chris is one of the few black kids in an all white school, and he struggles to find his place there and in his Brooklyn neighborhood. A lot of the storylines of the show focus on the family’s money troubles, so it tracks that the frugal dad would want to save money at the holidays.

It doesn’t go over so well with the kiddos, as you can imagine. However, Chris is forced to do a good deed, and he helps someone find their real mother. This may not be the spiritual alternative to a heartfelt Christmas episode, but Everybody Hates Chris delivers comic relief, no matter what.

“Everybody Hates Kwanzaa” is the tenth episode of the third season, and you can watch it on the CW Seed.