Here are the 10 Best Characters from Season One of Westworld

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Thandie Newton in Westworld season 1, promo courtesy of John P. Johnson/HBO

8. Maeve Millay

The series starts off with Maeve running the brothel and being a pretty normal character in this crazy story. However, if we’ve learned anything from this show, it is that nothing is normal. So Maeve went from being a run of the mill character to someone we root for.

She starts to figure everything out. Maeve can remember her wounds and wants to figure out what is going on with her ‘dreams’. From there, her storyline gets super interesting, and she becomes an amazingly strong woman.

The one thing about Westworld is that the women characters have amazing character arcs and are exceptionally strong. Most shows (especially westerns) would have had the women be damsels. This show has the damsels come out as strong.

With Maeve, she singlehandedly is figuring out what is going on with her. She continues to get herself hurt, so she can go back and try and see what happens with you ‘die’ and come back. She wants to just know what is happening to her.

It turns into her being more than just the run of the mill normal part of the story. She is her own character and we love her for it. Maeve is easily one of the best characters.