We rank 20 Versions of ‘Baby It’s Cold Outside’

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13. Selma Blair & Rainn Wilson

In 2008, the Gap launched a campaign called “Merry Mix It” encouraging shoppers to “mix items to create their own look“. To go along with this, they released a series of holiday ads with unexpected pairings of actors and singers performing remixes of holiday classics. The result is the amazing video above of Selma Blair and Dwight from The Office aka Rainn Wilson.

This Gap ad is probably one of the funnier versions of “Baby It’s Cold Outside” in this bunch. It again subverts the usual way the song goes by having Wilson trying to escape from a very eager Blair. The best part of the song is the physical comedy and use of props. With “I”ll take your hat”, Blair removes Wilson’s (Gap) cap under which his hair really does look swell. And, “Say, what’s in this drink?” gets a new meaning as Wilson is served something that looks like poison and as Blair basically crawls on top of him.

Would the skit play differently if the roles were reversed? Yes, but seeing the pretty girl go after the geeky guy who doesn’t know how to act makes this version more entertaining than alarming. Plus Wilson does get the final word, by placing his hand over her mouth as she tries to steal a kiss.