We rank 20 Versions of ‘Baby It’s Cold Outside’

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17. Kelly Clarkson & Ronnie Dunn

Kelly Clarkson’s take on “Baby It’s Cold Outside” from her Christmas album, Wrapped in Red is one of the few versions on this list where the song would work better as a solo than as a duet. Most of the time the beauty of “Baby” is the chance it provides for two artists to combine their talents. However, in this version Clarkson overpowers her singing partner, Ronnie Dunn, and renders him unnecessary.

Clarkson’s voice is strong. Belting out the lyrics over a jazzy piano turns the song into a power ballad. She doesn’t need a male counterpart, but if she does have one, it should be someone who can better keep up with her caliber of performance.

Dunn’s part of “Baby It’s Cold Outside” sounds too country for what Clarkson’s is going for. His part is much quieter and slower. It sounds like the two of them are singing completely different songs. Their pairing ultimately works less than Eldredge and Trainor’s version.

The reason this song ranks higher than Eldredge’s is because of Clarkson’s overall performance. The entire Wrapped in Red album is a wonderful showcase for the range of her vocals. She spans many genres including the more bluesy”Blue Christmas”, a beautiful rendition of “Silent Night” with Trisha Yearwood and Reba McEntire, and a rocking and rolling version of “Run Run Rudolph”. It’s worth listening to even if her take on “Baby It’s Cold Outside” could have been better.