We rank 20 Versions of ‘Baby It’s Cold Outside’

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3. Jimmy Fallon & Cecily Strong featuring Kenan Thompson

SNL has done other skits poking fun at the controversial nature of “Baby It’s Cold Outside”, but Jimmy Fallon and Cecily Strong’s version is by far the funniest. From the episode of the show that Fallon hosted in 2013, they take a different approach to the classic song. Fallon successfully convinces Strong to stay, but then what happens (twelve minutes) after? Suddenly it’s not so cold outside.

The new lyrics of the song poke fun at the idea that a guy will say anything to get in a girl’s pants. Then, once they get what they want, they suddenly develop cold feet while the girl gets super clingy. Both are terrible stereotypes, but hilarious when acted out in the context of this song.

Fallon and Strong are both talented comedians (who can actually sing) and really help to sell this parody version. Fallon’s facial expressions are priceless. And Strong’s performance is so bright eyed and earnest that she makes you laugh over her feigned naivety.

This is one of the funnier SNL musical parodies. In one exchange Fallon tries to rush his lady love out the door and into the snow, all while she is busy making plans for the next day. (“Are we still on for next weekend?/You said you’d take me antiquin'” she says to his shock.) Suddenly he is realizing what he has gotten himself into and he’s not so sure if those drinks were such a good idea.