18 Beautiful Menorahs To Light Your Holiday Nights


In the winter, when the days are short and the nights are long, we celebrate light. Here are 18 beautiful menorahs to illuminate the gloomy dark.

This year more than most, I need to remind myself that people are good at heart, and there is still beauty to be found. In troubled times, it’s more important than ever look toward art and the artists who make it. They are our lights in the dark. They’re the bright sparks that lead us on the road forward, reaching toward beauty, for something beyond the known and dreary every day.

Why 18 menorahs? The number symbolizes life in Hebrew, since the numeric values of the letters that spell the word “life” in Hebrew add up to 18. It’s got nothing to do with the American political moment that’s usurped the phrase to demean women’s family planning choices. This is growing, thriving life. Think of a garden overflowing with green, of a playground full of laughing children, of humanity existing in peace and happiness. This is what Jews mean when we say choose life. Choose to embrace the full diversity of humanity, and you’ll find the beauty that lives within us all.

Come and take a stroll through my gallery of lights and refresh your soul with thoughts of beauty.

1. Birds in Pomegranate Tree

The burgeoning tree of life and pomegranates make this menorah a good place to start, here in the dead of winter. Two traditional motifs come together in living color for Yair Emanuel’s Birds in Pomegranate Tree Menorah.

Birds in Pomegranate Tree Menorah by Yair Emanuel (Screencap via Judaica dot com)

2. Blossom Menorah

The brass and enamel Blossom Menorah was designed for The Metropolitan Museum of Art for its exhibition Jerusalem 1000–1400: Every People Under Heaven. You can use either candles or oil in this gorgeously detailed work of art.

Blossom Menorah (Screencap via The Metropolitan Museum of Art Store)

3. Flexus Menorah

The modernist Flexus Glass Menorah is from father and daughter Herbert and Jeanne Atkin. It’s sold at The Museum of Modern Art Store. You can arrange the modular glass elements however you want, and even use them as separate candle holders all year long.

Flexus Menorah by Herbert and Jeanne Atkin (Screencap via The Museum of Modern Art Store)

4. Bronze Tree Menorah

I love this Bronze Tree Menorah from The Art Institute of Chicago Museum Shop so much I bought one a couple years back. It makes a great display piece the rest of the year–a little bonsai i don’t even need to water.

Bronze Tree Menorah (Screencap via The Art Institute of Chicago Museum Shop)

5. Ceramic Sapphire Blue Menorah

Cecilia Lind of StudioLind on Etsy makes this Ceramic Menorah in Sapphire Blue with Gold Sparks. Its fun and original design makes it one of my favorite menorahs on the list. The tiny raised dots are covered in real 14K gold.

Ceramic Menorah in Sapphire Blue with Gold Sparks from Cecilia Lind (Screencap via StudioLind on Etsy)

6. Golden Brown and Turquoise Ceramic Menorah

I have a thing for modular menorahs like this Ceramic Menorah with flowers in golden brown and turquoise from CeramicsByOrly via Etsy. I also can’t get enough of gorgeously glazed ceramics. Each piece of this menorah is a unique, handmade flower.

7. Fireworks Menorah

This copper and brass Fireworks Menorah by aerosquirrel on Etsy is a standout on this list. I’ve never seen anything quite like this piece. I love its modern-yet-steampunk design, and I’ve always been partial to copper and brass more than gold.

Fireworks Menorah — Modern Copper and Brass (Screencap via aerosquirrel on Etsy)

8. Mediterranean Sea Menorah

Tamara Baskin’s Mediterranean Sea Menorah is made of pieces of glass and metal melded with hand-fused glass.  It really does invoke the sea, with its undulating swirls and bubbles.

9. Multicolor Glass Menorah

Benjamin Silver’s Handblown Multicolor Glass Oil Menorah is my absolute standout favorite for its glowing colors and gorgeous design. Each arm of this oil-burning menorah is hand-crafted from a solid clear glass block and a delicate colored sheath.

Menorah Oil Lamp Created by Benjamin Silver (Screencap via Artful Home)

10. Minimalist Marble Menorah

As much as I love gorgeous detail, I also have an eye for stark simplicity. This Minimalist Menorah by Brad Ascalon for Design Within Reach from The Jewish Museum Shop highlights the natural beauty of Carrara marble. That’s the stuff Michelangelo used.

Minimalist Marble Menorah by Brad Ascalon for Design Within Reach (Screencap via The Jewish Museum Shop)

11. Olive Branch Menorah

Michael Aram’s gold Olive Branch Menorah strikes a special chord in these strange and troubled times. The candles go in the cunning little olives. I would really love to own this. It would look perfect next to the bronze bonsai menorah.

Olive Branch Gold Menorah By Michael Aram (Screencap via Judaica dot com)

12. Kingfisher Menorah

I’m not even sure where the candles go in this Patinated Brass Kingfisher Menorah by Shraga Landesman. I’m sure they’re there somewhere. It’s so very pretty, though.

Patinated Brass Kingfisher Menorah by Shraga Landesman (Screencap via ShragaLandesmanArt on Etsy)

13. Quasar Blue Menorah

Can you tell yet how much I love cobalt blue? It’s especially apparent in this Quasar Blue Menorah by Beames Designs. The stunning cobalt glass must glow gorgeously with all nine candles lit.

Quasar Blue Menorah by Beames Designs (Screencap via Judaica dot com)

14. Red Flower Menorah

This is so pretty! The Red Flower Menorah is by TzadSheni on Etsy. Its bright poppy design makes me yearn for the gardens of spring.

Red Flower Menorah from TzadSheni (Screencap via TzadSheni on Etsy)

15. Sculptural Bronze Menorah

The Sculptural Bronze Menorah by Lizzie Katz from The Jewish Museum Shop is one crazy piece. The arms move, so you can stand them in a line or swing them around. This is the most modern menorah on the list. So cool!

Sculptural Bronze Menorah by Lizzie Katz (Screencap via The Jewish Museum Shop)

16. Swirl Menorah

This delicate Swirl Menorah from MelanieDankowicz on Etsy is hand-cut from durable stainless steel. Melanie’s work has been featured in The New York Times and Forward. Check out her shop for more great work in metal and glass.

17. Tree of Life Menorah

This Tree of Life Menorah, created by Bandhu Scott Dunham, is made of clear glass and flecked with real gold. I can’t help that it reminds me of Goldschläger. Ah, memories. I am so Gen-X.

Tree of Life Menorah, Gold Fleck Created by Bandhu Scott Dunham (Screencap via Artful Home)

18. Rainbow Menorah

I choose this Medium Rectangular Rainbow Menorah, created by Alicia Kelemen, to end this list. Yes, I have a gay agenda, although I myself am not. Light up this gorgeously colored glass menorah for LGBTQ rights all over the world. Love is love!

Medium Rectangular Rainbow Menorah Created by Alicia Kelemen (Screencap via Artful Home)

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Happy Hanukkah from me and Culturess. Keep on reaching for beauty and light during the dark nights ahead.