25 Netflix shows you could binge over the holiday weekend

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19. The Last Kingdom

Here’s another British historical drama for you to watch, and here’s a reference that may leave you frantically searching or nodding and smiling. The Last Kingdom takes its notes from a series of books by Bernard Cornwell, the same Cornwell behind the Richard Sharpe novels. (You know, that series that Sean Bean used to star in before we all associated him with dying immediately?)

However, instead of focusing on the age of Napoleon, The Last Kingdom actually goes back to the late ninth century AD in England, which coincidentally has seven separate kingdoms. Just one remains. Our young hero is Uhtred, a Saxon raised by Vikings.

That’s right, Vikings. It’s a show that involves Viking invasions, and Vikings are pretty wintry, no? There’s also a king trying to maintain his throne in the kingdom of Wessex, and yes, that was a real thing. Remember — ninth century AD.

Netflix says the show is “violent” but also “exciting,” and it does sport a rating of TV-MA. However, you’ll need to get through just eight episodes to complete this series, which means it has a relatively low commitment rating. That’s just two episodes a day.

Don’t be surprised if you watch more than that a day is all we’re saying.