25 Netflix shows you could binge over the holiday weekend

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2. Sherlock

With Season 4 finally premiering on Jan. 1 both in the States and in the UK, there’s simply no way we could have left Sherlock off of this list.

You know the names Sherlock Holmes and John Watson. However, you may not know them like this. Sherlock transplants the Victorian detective and his trusty physician friend into the modern day, with Benedict Cumberbatch playing Holmes and Martin Freeman taking on the role of Watson. The two play off each other extremely well. Series co-creator Mark Gatiss also appears as Mycroft Holmes.

Each episode is based on or makes plenty of references to the original novels and stories by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, though you won’t need to get any of said references to actually enjoy the show whatsoever. (In fact, if you’re especially familiar with the stories, you may have a lot of fun picking out what’s the same and what’s different.)

Since it’s a British series, the episode lengths and season lengths are wonky as per usual. In the case of Sherlock, each series consists of three 90-minute episodes. The Series 3 listing also includes the Christmas special, “The Abominable Bride”, which actually won an Emmy earlier this year.

At a rating of TV-14, it’s not the most child-friendly series on this list, though any visiting teens of a certain age may be able to quote large chunks of dialogue at you.