25 Netflix shows you could binge over the holiday weekend

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15. Casanova

“But wait,” you may be saying, “isn’t a show about Casanova more appropriate for Valentine’s Day, since we still use his name as a byword for a gentleman who’s known to enjoy the company of many bed partners?” To which we respond that love is a year-round thing, and also that you may want to watch this to get some pre-Valentine’s Day tips from the legendary lover whose name we really do use that way still. It’s even in the dictionary!

This miniseries is framed as an elder Casanova (Peter O’Toole, who is having a great time) telling stories from his life to a maid, which we then see in flashback form. The younger Casanova is played by David Tennant with some slightly terrible hair, but it’s David Tennant. He’s charming nevertheless. For the most part, the series revolves around his romance with Henriette, played here by Laura Fraser, and his own adventures in cities like Venice and London.

This series is rated TV-MA, and it is definitely not something you’ll want to watch when kids are around. Fortunately, there are just two 90-minute episodes, so you could easily knock it out in two nights or even one if you’re feeling particularly committed to things. It has one of the lowest commitment ratings alongside series like Death Comes to Pemberley on this list.