25 Netflix shows you could binge over the holiday weekend

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17. Quantico

From the classic to the modern in two slides, Quantico is one of the newest shows available on Netflix. This first season debuted in 2015 and finished airing this year; the second is currently on hiatus from ABC but will return in 2017.

Anyways, the series stars Priyanka Chopra as Alex Parrish, an FBI recruit who, in the first season, is suspected of being behind an attack on Grand Central Terminal. Throughout the first season, we see flashbacks to her time at the FBI Academy and with other recruits while she works in the present of the series to clear her name and figure out who really carried the attack out. Before you think that the flashbacks serve little purpose, it turns out that one of her classmates may have been behind the attack in the first place.

This thriller sports a well-rounded cast, though Chopra stands out in particular, naturally. Since it’s a modern TV show, this season sports 22 episodes of about 43 minutes each. As such, it’s one of the biggest commitments we have on this list, but you’ll want to know what happens and won’t be able to stop watching. Just don’t blame us if you look a little tired at any holiday parties you may have to attend this weekend.