A Fangirl’s Guide to The Holiday: Places to Spend That Holiday Cash

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Books… All The Books

I don’t want to say fangirls are the most intelligent kind of human but, well, fangirls are the most intelligent kind of human. That means we like to read, a lot. And assuming you’ve already read any book you can get your hands on (multiple times probably), you’ll need something new in your collection. Here’s where Kathleen Smith’s The Fangirl Life: A Guide to All the Feels and Learning How to Deal.

You can conveniently buy that here!

The reviews are stellar and it’s a book that every fangirl needs on her shelf. Here’s the official description below, from Barnes & Noble.

"“In this witty and sympathetic debut, therapist Smith—a self-proclaimed fangirl and proprietor of the blog Fangirl Therapy—offers wise advice on being a devout but well-rounded fan and even turning obsession into inspiration for one’s own life. Using helpful exercises, Smith seeks to empower fellow fangirls to become women who will stand firmly behind their thoughts and actions, deal constructively with conflict, and use the books and people they admire to create their life stories.”"

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And there you have it- all the fangirl essentials for a successful holiday shopping spree! Good luck…and may the shopping odds be ever in your favor.