A Fangirl’s Guide to The Holiday: Places to Spend That Holiday Cash

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Director Krennic Funko Pop! Figure to be released by Funko Toy Company (Image Credit: via StarWars.com)


Whether you’re a seasoned fangirl or you’re new to the fangirl life, I’m sure you’ve heard of Funko’s Pop! figures. How could you not!? These are the epitome of “things every fangirl needs.” Throw them on your desk at work. Surround you television with them. Put them on your bookcase. Wherever you chose to display your figures, each one will remind you of a character you happen to love and adore.

These guys can be found at a variety of stores, including Walmart, GameStop, Hot Topic, and Kmart. You can find their website here, which also has a ton of merchandise you can chose from, including T-shirts and hats with their logo. They carry everything from The Walking Dead figures to Suicide Squad to anything Marvel related.

I’m convinced you’re not an official fangirl if you don’t have a Funko so go out and buy your first one today! Or just add to your growing collection!

My personal favorite is Harley Quinn from this year’s wickedly popular Suicide Squad:

Image via screenshot of Walmart

You can find her at Walmart along with a huge variety of others!