25 TV Dads we wish were ours

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Walter White – Breaking Bad

Walter White might be the only drug dealing dad on the list, but I like my TV fathers with a little edge. You might think that manufacturing meth, murder, robbery, and kidnapping might preclude you from being a great dad, but you’d be wrong.

Walter’s entire turn toward the bad was fueled by his desire to take care of his family and everything he did, at first, was to make sure they were cared for after his death. As a meek and timid high school chemistry teacher, he was in no position to take on lung cancer and all the expenses it would incur. In a moment of inspiration, Walt devises a plan to take care of his family after he dies.

Walt doesn’t die, as we all know, and he goes on to build a drug empire that could pay his hospital bills ten times over. He transforms from the wimp little teacher into a tough gangster who is more dangerous than any of his enemies. In practice he might not be the best role model to teenage Walt, Jr, but in theory, you have to hand it to him for being such an ambitious provider – even if all that providing came from illicit drugs.