25 TV Dads we wish were ours

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Sandy Cohen – The OC

Sandy Cohen is the dad that every 1%er would probably hate. He despised privilege and material things, fought Goliath for David, and often worked for free. To the rest of us, who don’t live in the O.C., however,  he’s just absolutely marvelous. We could even forgive him for his romantic choices. Sandy married into a rich, very-California family, but his East-coast vibe never quite got ground away by the sunshine or the wealthy evil-doers.

Sandy was dad to Seth, the nerdy little outsider who didn’t really fit in The O.C. He was also guardian to the rough around the edges orphan with a heart of gold, Ryan. Sandy, despite the soul-sucking affluence around him, kept it real. He surfed in the morning, fought for the defenseless during the day, and raised a boy that wasn’t his own by night. Sandy was the cool dad, and pretty much everybody thought so. Everybody sought his advice and, when things went south with their teenage drama, Sandy Cohen was their first stop.

When all the other dads were worried about their fancy cars, hot nannies, and hedge funds, Sandy was in the trenches with his kids, solving the problems of their very small, O.C.-sized world.