25 TV Dads we wish were ours

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Photo: ABC

Although TV dads don’t always have the best reputation, we think these 25 dads would be just fine as our own dads.

Dads get a bad rap. Far less money is spent on Father’s Day than Mother’s Day in our country. If we desperately need to find something, hear sound advice, or a shoulder to cry on, moms are usually who we turn to. But dads need more respect. They get forgotten about when it comes time to honor our parents, and sometimes moms wind up hogging all the glory. It’s not that moms don’t deserve it, because we all know a badass mom who deserves more than just recognition, its that dads need some love too.

Sometimes dads get overshadowed by moms, and sometimes TV isn’t always kind to the dad figure. But in real life, they’re wringing their hands late at night, too. And they worry just as much as mother, although sometimes theirs looks a little different than ours. We have to admit there are some really good dads out there (mine included). There are also some really good ones on television, and it’s about time we took some time to recognize these awesome fathers and how they all contribute to our shared culture.

As a tribute to all the badass dads out there, I’ve compiled this list of television fathers that have left an impression on audiences over the years.

Here’s 25 TV dads that we wish were ours: