The Best And Worst Shows On TV In 2016

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1. Bull

If only I could just copy the words I wrote for Pure Genius and MacGyver and just paste them here. All the mean things I said about those other CBS shows apply to this, but this is perhaps the laziest of the bunch.

CBS overestimated how much people would accept from an NCIS alumni, and they didn’t even bother to polish this one up even a little bit. Michael Weatherly plays Dr. Jason Bull with the same smarmy swagger that seems to be his only note, and it’s extremely off-putting. He plays a savant psychologist who works as a jury assessor and is loosely based on the early life and career of Dr. Phil McGraw.

All this seems like it would make really interesting TV, yet this hour-long courtroom drama is brutal to watch. It’s so bad that at times you think Weatherly’s cheesy arrogance and clunky pseudo-charm is the joke. Sadly, it’s not. Instead, this show takes itself so seriously that you wind up laughing at it, not with it.

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