The Best And Worst Shows On TV In 2016

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Photo: Netflix

8. Fuller House

Just because a lot of people are looking forward to something, doesn’t mean we really need it. Sometimes things are just better left in our collective past, better as a memory than something brand new. Full House is among those memories we need to keep in the past, and the reboot, Fuller House turned out to be complete dreck, y’all. I know I’m hitting you in your nostalgia right now, and I get it. I was a child of the 90’s as well, but Netflix could have done better than this. In fact, Netflix pretty consistently does do better, so when this turd landed in our laps, I couldn’t believe how downright unwatchable it was.

Of course, that didn’t stop millions of folks from watching it, and to each their own, I guess. Grating actors, wooden performances, and writing that could’ve been done better by a high school script writing class, Fuller House made me physically ill. It is so aggressively bad that I found myself getting angry with each cheesy episode.

If only Fuller House could have acknowledged the irony of its new invention, instead of relying solely on its fan base’s sentimentality for days gone. It felt more like resurrecting something long dead than revisiting something we loved.