13 wearable gifts for the TV fangirl in your life

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Courtesy of https://www.etsy.com/shop/SculptRenaissance.

Star Trek Ring

This Etsy shop, which specializes in engraved jewelry of all types, also seems to specialize in deep-cut nerd-based fandom jewelry, which is lucky for those of you who specialize in that realm, too! Though geekery of any caliber is never to be shamed, what I mean by “deep-cut” is that these accessories are not for casual fangirls. The only loved ones deserving of these trinkets, namely, one of these kickass Star Trek rings, are those whose dedication to the fandom is proven to have both lived long and prospered.

This particular line of rings is stainless steel, comes in a wide variety of sizes, and is super customizable. Not only can you choose which badge to have the ring engraved with, but you can also elect (for a pretty minimal fee) to have the badge colored with ink to reflect the accurate color of the division you so chose. That way, whoever receives this from you this holiday season is sure to know you not only deeply support their passion for nerd culture, but that you actually pay attention when they’re ranting about which Starfleet division they wish they could be a part of.

Perfect for: Anyone who would love nothing more than to add a little personalized sparkle to their Vulcan salute.