13 wearable gifts for the TV fangirl in your life

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Courtesy of https://www.etsy.com/shop/InspiredDesignsByRob.

Friends Charm Bracelet

In my 24 long years on this Earth, 18 of them spent watching Friends, I have come to only a few conclusions I know to be undeniably true, and one of them is that if you watch Friends, you watch it. You’re not in a casual relationship, nor are you ever to be on a break. You’re in it, Rachel-getting-off-the-plane style. And as such, this wacky little charm bracelet, which features tons of tiny silver allusions to the show that its steadfast fans will appreciate contemplating on first glance and then admiring upon every subsequent glance, is an Etsy gem. Sized according to your needs (and at no extra cost to you!), this silver bracelet will, to the naked eye, just be another adorable accessory. But to fellow fans, it’s all 10 seasons of magic shoved into a sparkly little 7” package.

Perfect for: Your binge-watching buddy, the Monica to your Rachel or the Joey to your Chandler (remember when Joey literally gets Chandler a bracelet?!), the F.R.I.E.N.D who will wear this with pride (unlike Chandler did when the aforementioned situation ensued). Simply put, this is the perfect gift for the pal who will be there for you. Buy this for your lobster.