Here Are 10 of the Worst (and Lamest) Characters in the Star Wars Films

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The Midi-chlorians

Ah, midi-chlorians.

The prequels were my first introduction to Star Wars. My parents aren’t Star Wars fans, it’s not genetic, and unfortunately, I don’t have an unusually high count of anything microscopic that I know of.

Of course, I didn’t hate the prequels immediately. But now that I’ve been calling myself a fan for the past decade or so and I’ve seen the movies a few dozen times, it’s easy to see why the prequels are some of the most hated genre films around.

First, they begin with the incredibly ridiculous explanation for what set the Jedi apart. And this explanation alone negates the wonder of Star Wars. The midi-chlorians made it seem like being a Jedi or using the Force was exclusive. Like, “You either got it or you don’t.” If you don’t have enough midi-chlorians, you can’t do it. You don’t get to be trained even if you promise to work hard.

Depending on how you feel about George Lucas, you can either accept his explanation or take it with a grain of salt.

Regardless, midi-chlorians exist as a cheap and lazy way to explain Anakin’s importance. Especially when combined with the fact that he has no father. If the Force could influence midi-chlorians to make life, why didn’t the Force intervene at any other point in Star Wars history? Why create a child that could ruin everything? What’s the point?

Whatever. Anakin’s entire conception sucked.