Here Are 10 of the Worst (and Lamest) Characters in the Star Wars Films

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The Viceroy in ‘Revenge of the Sith’ (Credit: Lucasfilm)

Nute Gunray and the Neimoidians

The only thing worse than one bad politician is a bucket of them.

Nute Gunray and his clan are like annoying neighbors who play folk music too loud and let their dog out in your backyard to do his business. You really don’t want them there but they’re not doing enough for you to have them killed. Plus, they occasionally bake really delicious cookies, so they’re kind of useful every now and again.

For Palpatine, the Trade Federation / Separatists were there but not totally necessary. As is the case for all pawns. But to every Star Wars fan, the Separatists pretty much knocked down the first domino. Plus, they looked stupid and their accents were pretty racist.

In addition to being cast aside after The Phantom Menace, Nute Gunray only resurfaces as a background character. And a bad one at that. Meanwhile, Palpatine just watches the clock tick down to the minute he sends his apprentice to go kill the rest of the Separatist leaders.

So if Nute Gunray’s only “meaningful” arc was the Naboo Crisis, why bother?