25 reasons we’re naming Sansa Stark the Queen in the North

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20. She’s a ‘proper lady’

Sometimes sticking with traditional gender roles isn’t a bad thing. Sansa, at first, was more than willing to be the doting wife to her handsome husband who would eventually be the King of the Seven Kingdoms. That dream died pretty quickly, but remember, Sansa started out the series with stars in her eyes. She wised up after being plunged into the slimy political world of King’s Landing.

Sansa was under the impression that ladies of the court sit around all day, looking gorgeous and gorging on lemon cakes. While that was clearly not the case, she still learned the values of being a ‘proper lady.’ In this scene from Season 3’s “Mhysa,” Sansa and Tyrion (husband and wife) go strolling through the gardens. Although Sansa doesn’t necessarily like her new husband, she still goes on a walk with him just like a good wife should. Through their cute little exchange, they actually bond a little, which is refreshing to see in King’s Landing. It at least solidifies her commitment to her role in the court, even if she didn’t ask for it.

Westeros is a society where women aren’t necessarily discouraged from doing things outside the norm. They can be knights (Hi, Brienne!) or rulers (Hi, Cersei!), so Sansa playing the wifely role isn’t that much of a stretch if it’s something she has to do to survive.